Visualisation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, shown here from book 5-1.
I tackled 4 images per book showing key aspects of the story. I decided that I wanted to improve with background/prop and character design, so did this project in my pare time.
The last Olympian - depicting the key story points of the oracle of Delphi and the cursed blade
The battle of the Labyrinth - Depicting key story points of Nico Di Angelo's story, ogygia and Grover's quest for pan
the titan's curse - Depicting key points of the hunters of artemis, Aphrodite's warning and a scene from the quest
The sea of monsters - Depicting key points of the story, the reason for the quest and the result of it
The Lightning thief - depicting key points following the quests
all characters belong to Rick Riordan
I really love the result of this project and the evident improvement of my art and design choices.

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