Final Double Page Spread for Olympus: Winter.
OLYMPUS - Summer
Cosmic Cow Zine 2022

Olympus is an PJO AU (alternate universe). The characters saved the world and they’ve become very famous—so famous that books were made about them. The characters are not actors, but they are aware they now have fame. The setting of the zine takes place right after the end of the last book in the Heroes of Olympus Series (The Blood of Olympus).
Merch/Spread Artist.

Cover art by @velinxi
Mockup by @valarts
Final Artwork for the Leo Sticker to accompany the Zine. The flames here are Holographic as you move the sticker. 
I had a pretty strong idea from the get-go - there was a scene from the books where Aphrodite blessed the heroes, giving them fancy outfits and leaving them on the side of the road in the middle of winter. I took this and ran. My first pitch was "getting picked up for the MET gala from the bus stop" - however this developed when other people on the project idea's came in, I wanted to incorporate a niche that I love - "Armoured Fashion".
Here is where I took to develop the clothing. I wanted it to be Fashion, but I also wanted it to suit the characters. Once I nailed down this area, I went back to sketching, figuring out what I wanted, not really having much of a guide, other than, "I want exaggerated Angles". It might not fully be on theme for the LA landscape, but I went around the streets of Manchester, figuring out how I wanted the bus stop to look. 
Once I figured this part out, I realized that I had an amazing opportunity, I had two advertisement boards. This is a piece about Aphrodite's Blessing, I needed to use the image of her from the right, on one of the advertisements. But what about the second? A great place to add a nod from the First Zine 

I had the outfits down, I had the location down. - Now for the colours, I had to keep in mind that this is the Winter edition, I wanted the overall piece to be cold, so I needed to add those blues, grays and creams. However I am not a winter lover, I want to feel warm, and I don't know if you want to look at clothing and think "I'm going to be cold", so i needed some warmth, and I chose pink for this, not too much that it removes the theme, but enough to connote Love and Romance, all that Aphrodite represents. 

Below you can find the final printed Image. 

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