I really wanted to take some time, outside of my day job to develop some skills, so I decided to work on some designs for characters that I draw on the daily. Heroes of Olympus is a childhood favorite book series that I love to adapt, so I started re-reading and adapting the characters. I didn't really have any limitations as these are purely for me - but I did want to make sure that they were true to the characters - so I ended up creating a lot of pinterest boards.
Piper Mclean - An Indigenous American girl who is disconnected from her heritage due to her relationship with her father, who is constantly pushing her away, seemingly as a guise of him being famous. I wanted to exaggerate her rebellious nature - but taking it away from just her acting out for her fathers attention. There's an abandoned element to Piper, which seems to explain why she cares more about the environment and animals - so I wanted to play on this by giving her an up-cycled chic, with an element of grunge. I also think this works well since her mother is Aphrodite and creates a clear contrast to the typical standards of beauty. I also decided to take the written canon of her cutting her own hair with "safety scissors" a step further, to give her a mullet/wolf cut. Lastly, and most importantly, I wanted to add touches of her culture through accessories from indigenous American stores. 1/2
Annabeth Chase - The skilled architect with the longest duration at camp, she is skilled and wise. I decided that even though Annabeth would typically be in training clothes. However she does become the Architect of Olympus, so giving her a smart casual style would personally be a no-brainer. A big part of the book that her Boyfriend, Percy, is missing, so I wanted his jumper to be incorporated as a literal piece of comfort.
Leo Valdez - the Fire-wielder, hyperactive son of Hephaestus, wouldn't have much time for fashion, usually wearing practical clothing for working on his many machines, but would definitely have clothing to exaggerate his body type since he "invented scrawny".  
Jason Grace - the complex psyche of having your mind wiped by a goddess, would definitely leave your clothing to be desired, however having Piper as a girlfriend, Leo as a best friend, and belonging to a rivals camp, would definitely  cause some graffiti on his clothing. 
This project is ongoing, and just something to practice in my spare time.
all characters belong to Rick Riordan.

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