Sometimes even with the people you love, you can feel trapped, suffocated, surrounded. Even with the people who make you feel loved, you can feel alone, inside your own head. Sometimes you need to take a breath of fresh air and notice the lives moving on around you, to center yourself, to come back to earth. Sometimes you need to take a step away and sit alone, to recharge.

As a lot of people in this day and age, I suffer from Anxiety. Being an Introvert means that I love being around my friends and family, however I do need to take a step back now and again and give myself some time to breathe. 

I see myself like a battery, I will use my power when I am with people but I need to be alone to charge and that is okay.

Thank you for reading my story. If taking time alone is what you need to 'recharge' then please dont feel selfish doing so. Take all the time you need, the people who love you will wait. 

Have the best day, Alex.

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