[Re]Start: It's Never Too Late is a narrative graphic novel and guided journal designed to help people on their life's journey.

Founded by a seasoned entrepreneur and co-created by young creatives from a range of backgrounds, this novel is a collaborative effort to compassionately guide readers into comfort, confidence and resilience.

Andi, Pete, Priya, Sophie, Tash, TJ and Yasmin enrol onto the [Re]Start programme, and in six bite-sized chapters, learn how to manage the many obstacles they face. Andi grapples with anxiety, managing family expectations while studying alone in a new country. Pete struggles with caring for his ill mum and younger brothers while trying to secure a full-time job. Priya combats family expectations and responsibilities with her ambition to excel at university. Sophie feels like she doesn't fit in with her parents' or her friends' worlds. Tash struggles with her body image and social media presence. TJ struggles to cope in his dysfunctional family while managing college alongside his supermarket job. Yasmin feels guilty for chasing her dreams while remaining committed to her parents' sacrifices.

Our book shows through our seven young protagonists: it's never too late to start or restart your journey."

'This book is full of wonderful stories that give lessons for life, for self-confidence, for seizing opportunities, for finding your own way to the future. I’d give it to every young person like a shot.' 
(Chris Smith, Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge and former Secretary for State for Culture, Media and Sport)

Page Artist, Cover Artist, Layout designer and Editor. 
The book consists of 4 different artists', so we implemented layout and graphic guidelines that would help merge the styles throughout the book without removing each artists' voice. 
Full Image which I illustrated to be both the wrap around cover of the book, and to work on promotion material itself. 

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