Me? Who am I?
I'm Alex, a Freelance Illustrator working in Manchester. I am an alumni of Falmouth University. 
It's hard to put down in words who I am, you've already seen my heart and soul within my work - everything is already laid out to judge.
I am a queer illustrator, who really started to draw and design because I didn't understand any feelings within myself, I am the spokesperson for authenticity and communication - but how do you communicate if you don't know yourself?  I started my journey and along the way I realized you don't have to know everything, I try to keep what I know real, and try to speak out for what I think is right, but I am always up for learning and developing myself.

Below I have included some unfinished work, part of a comic, exploring sexuality, neurodivergency and overall the feeling of being lost. I didn't want to add it to my portfolio with it still being in-progress, but it shows a lot about me. (Text missing)
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