Final Double Page Spread for Olympus: Summer.

OLYMPUS - Summer
Cosmic Cow Zine 2022

Olympus is an PJO AU (alternate universe). The characters saved the world and they’ve become very famous—so famous that books were made about them. The characters are not actors, but they are aware they now have fame. The setting of the zine takes place right after the end of the last book in the Heroes of Olympus Series (The Blood of Olympus).
Merch/Spread Artist.

Cover art by @smoustart
Mockup by @valarts
Final Artwork of the 'Summer Heat' Print to accompany the Zine.
I wanted to give plenty of options for this spread as I really wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take it. My pitch was "A sportswear brand for the Huntresses of Artemis" - but this could go in a typical editorial magazine direction, or following more closely in my own style. I ended up choosing option 4 which was a good median for me. 
The next steps were figuring out the vibe that I wanted. I needed to pull through the Summer warmth, but I really wanted the palette of the clothing to follow the colours of the Asexual flag (this was really important to me). I figured with Zoe (the character on the left) being in such an energetic pose, Thalia (on the right) could be more relaxed, showing that the clothing is also comfortable. 

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